Sometimes a girl comes along whose beauty, skill, and all-out grooviness inspires a site of epic proportions.

A girl who looks like she popped off an anime cel and into real life.

That girl is...

The Order of Apolloites is back and the new site will be debuting soon! We are aiming to create a comprehensive archive of all things related to Apollo Smile.

Do you have some Apollo Smile content that you would like to contribute? We will gratefully add it and credit you on the site!
Please email us at or contact us at @apolloites on Twitter.

DISCLAIMER: The Order of Apolloites (TOA) is a creation of Elaine Barlow/Mecca Publications © 1996. TOA is a FANBASED organization, not to be confused as some offshoot of Team Smile, Inc. This present incarnation of TOA is overseen and maintained by Stephen Warnshuis, who merely stands on the shoulders of the founding TOA members. Many thanks to them, especially Elaine, for all that they have done.